Saturday, October 04, 2008


Almaz/ Anna

近日在一個電台節目聽到Almaz這首歌,讓我想到八十年代香港歌手周啟生(Dominic Chow)曾將之改編成Anna。周啟生曾開辦歌唱學校,其姪是周永恆

Almaz(1986)  Randy Crawford

She only smiles
He only tells her
that she's the flowers of wind and spring
In all her splendor sweetly surrendering
The love that innocence bring

** Almaz, pure and simple
Born in a world where love survives
Now men will want her
'Cause life don't haunt her
Almaz, You lucky lucky thing

Now I watch closely
And I watch wholly
I can't imagine love so rare
She's young and tender
But will life bend her
I look around if she everything

** repeat
He throws her kisses
She shares his wishes
I'm sure he's king without a doubt
With love so captive
So solely captive
I ask if I could play the part

** repeat
Almaz, You lucky lucky thing
Almaz, You lucky lucky thing

Anna (1987)

作曲:C.Crawford 填詞:向雪懷 演唱:周啟生

紫色的天空 淡灰的海角
在這靜夜時 癡心的主角

Anna 天天想你
你不必傷心 你不必苦惱
Anna 日後會沒結局

* 彷佛的風中 依稀的感覺
不知中開始 不知中失去

Anna 深深一吻
踏遍天涯 遍找海角
不要受盡了別離 *
Anna You Lucky Lucky Thing

Repeat *

周啟生:I love you so
Come back to Love:叱吒樂壇流行榜1988 (第29-30周):小P推介當中《燃點真愛》(1988),這首歌由陳百強、周啟生作曲,是香港電台60週年(今年是80年囉)歌劇《神奇旅程樂穿梭》主題曲。
Youtube:王傑:安妮:據說安妮(Annie)是王傑(Dave WANG Chieh)的法籍初戀女友,惜早夭,Annie也是我一位朋友的名字。


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