Saturday, May 22, 2010


我想大聲告訴你 I wanna tell you loudly!

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Wednesday is my rest day - I slept in the afternoon, cleared my room, hair-dressing and went for the prayer meeting of my church. I also had to work on Friday and today (saturday) is also my rest day. I watch the popular Mainland China soap opera Dwelling Narrowness recently. I like the ending song titled I Wanna Tell You Loudly very much. (Indeed, I also like the role Haizao[literally means seaweed] very much. But I don't Haiping [literally means duckweed], she's so aggressive!)

我想大聲告訴你 Wo Xiang Da Sheng Gao Su Ni 樊凡


曲:魏文超 詞:魏文超、樊凡


Music: WEI Wenchao Lyric (Chinese) by WEI Wenchao and FAN Fan English translated by Patrick Tang

夜深了 我還為你不能睡
Ye shen le Wo hai wei ni bu neng shui
黎明前的心情 最深的灰
Li Ming Qian de xin qing Zui shen de hui
左右為難的你 不知怎樣去面對
Zuo you wei nan de ni Bu zhi zhen yang qu mian dui
我能做的 只剩沉默 體會
wo nang zuo de Zhi sheng chen mo Ti hui

It's midnight, I can't sleep because of you.
It's deepest grey when it's dawn, I am blue.
I don't know how to face you once it's a dilemma.
I can just be silent.

Ai qing shi rang ren chen ni de hai yang
孤單的時候 想要去逃亡
Gu dan de shi hou Xiang yao qu tao wang
轉身那一瞬間 你出現在我身旁
Zhuan shen na yi shun jian Ni chu xian xai wo shen pang
你的眼淚 讓我不敢開口講
Ni de yan lei Rang wo bu gan kai kou jiang

Love is an ocean make us infatuated.
When I am lonely, I wanna escape.
When I turn around, you appear in front of me.
Your tears make me cannot speak.

我想大聲告訴你 你一直在我世界裡
Wo xiang da sheng gao su ni Ni yi zhi zai wo shi jie li
太多的過去難割捨 難忘記
Tai duo de guo qu nan ge she Nan wang ji
太心疼你 才選擇不放棄也不勉強
ai xin teng ni Cai xuan ze bu fang qi ye bu mian qiang
你不要哭 這樣不漂亮
Ni bu yao ku Zhe yang bu piao liang

I wanna tell you loudly, my love for you is so deep.
We can't give up our past, it's difficult to forget.
I love you very much, so I choose to be never give up.
Don't cry my love, it's not beautiful!

我想大聲告訴你 對你的愛深不見底
Wo xiang da sheng gao su ni Dui ni de ai shen bu jian di
Yong li jin jin zhua zhu wo men de hui yi
屏住呼吸 心跳的頻率有一種魔力
Ping zhu hu xi Xin tiao de pin lu you yi zhong mo li
它讓我們 慢慢的靠近
Ta rang wo men Man man de kao jin

I wanna tell you loudly, my love for you is so deep.
Let's grasp our memories very tight.
Hold your breath, there is a magic in your frequent heartbeat.
It lets us come nearer and nearer.

我想大聲告訴你 你一直在我世界裡
Wo xiang da shebng gao su ni Ni yi zhi zai wo shi jie li
Wo... yong li zhua zhu wo men de hui yi
若有一天 我看到的是你的背影
Ruo you yi tian Wo kan dao de shi ni de bei ying
只因我愛你 沒有告訴你
Zhi yin wo ai ni Mei you gao su ni
我愛你 真的很愛你.....
Wo ai ni Zhen de hen ai ni

I wanna tell you loudly, you are always in my world.
Wo ... grasp our memories very tight.
If there wil be a day I can just see your back.
Just because I love you, I love you really...

延伸閱讀: (Further reading [Chinese only])
王開東:我感到一束光——《蝸居》是一部偉大作品 (WANG Kaidong, a Mainland Chinese blogger: A Review of Dwelling Narrowness)


On last Sunday (30/5/2010) we went for Chai Wan Hong Kong Cemetery, I also had to work on 4th Jun.

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